Features Overview

There is no limit to what you can do, so don't let others limit your creation.  Below are some examples of the creative talent of BHD. 

Murphy and The Giant .jpg


This is a fun lighthearted Irish folk drinking song that BHD co-wrote on with an artist by the name of Daniel O'Connor. 


BHD helped create this catchy song for the adult beverage Four Loko!  With hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube this song is sure to get your night started right.

Lips Rings and Tattoos.jpg


Knowing he wanted a record that was catchy and simple BHD displayed great versatility writing the chorus and second verse on this record while working with a Brazilian artist by the name of Big Flipps. 

"U92 Spotlight"

In the early days of dogemout.com BHD had the opportunity to co-host on U92fm!  Learning a lot from radio jock Booker and Lyric.

LTA Records.jpg


While working with LTA Records a artist by the name of Big-A invited BHD to write a fun verse for a parody video the label put together. This video took the internet by storm with over a hundred thousand views.

"U92 Car Show"

Hosting dogemout.com rap battles at the 2011 U92 Car Show!